Lake Garda Apartments

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and experiences a typical Mediterranean climate.  Peak season months are hot and sunny!
Spring weather is warm with plenty of nice sunshine and can be the perfect time to visit especially for those who do not like the intense summer heat.  April reaches temperatures on average of 18C with May a little warmer at 22C.  June starts to warm up to temperatures of 26C and the peak season months of July and August can reach 28C and above.  If you do not like crowds or heat then the Spring and Autumn times are ideal to explore many of Lake Garda's towns and countryside.  September cools a little with an average temperature of 25C and October down to 19C.  Rainfall is more likely in these months with November being the wettest.
The lake waters are usually between 17C in spring to 26C in the summer months.  Warmer waters are obviously found in the southern parts of the Lake and Gardone Riviera can find people enjoying water sports and lakeside dips well into October.
2017-10-22 13°C
2017-10-23 17°C
2017-10-24 18°C
2017-10-25 17°C
2017-10-26 20°C